$3 Newpaper Pot Maker

An amazing idea to save money and reuse old parts left behind by renovators in a hurry, or my handy dad who’s really good at finding things in his garage he doesn’t remember having….

Simply Flagstaff

I have wanted one of these newspaper pot makers since I first laid eyes on them in one of my gardening catalogs.  However, the frugal side of me decided that $13 (plus shipping) was too much to spend on a couple pieces of wood.

Today, while looking for a less expensive alternative, I stumbled across this version.  I really liked the concept.  If I was not so “frugal” I would definitely buy this pot maker over the wooden one above.   Not only does it make newspaper pots, but soil blocks too.  Looking at this design got my creative mind going.

I thought I could do something similar with PVC pipe.  I headed over to Home Depot to see what I could find to mimic the basic principles of the design.  I found the following parts on the plumbing aisle.  The total came to just under $3.

1 – 2…

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