Raising money and materials for Green Queeries’ Incredible Edible garden-repair!

Recently, an expected mishap occurred where plants and equipment were damaged and/or stolen from the corner garden or “Bear’s corner” that have put me behind on my progress and stability as an incredible edible project coordinator. My partner suggested, and I like the idea, that I offer to trade or sell the things I make and skills I possess as a gardener and designer in order to collect money, materials, and plants to re-establish the garden with.

I am reaching out to those who see this, offering a trade of my services and DIY products for your future/ongoing garden projects in exchange for sliding-scale prices based on negotiated value and available assets.

Services/projects I offer for maintenance, commission, etc:

Garden Design and planning:
     bring me in to assess the space you want to garden with, and propose a series of blueprints and designs for what plants would thrive best, and in what kind of garden installations within your spacesYou choose the plants and the space, I plan and plant for the growing season using knowledge of co-planting, beneficial pest-repellent plants, and placement techniques.

Mentor-ship and ongoing tutoring: 

you name the place and the time, and I’ll share with you the many resources of information, sourcing of supply, and ecologically/environmentally responsible resources that you can rely on as are relevant to the kind of garden you want to have, whether ornamental, food-crop based, or communal. You ask the questions, show the problems, and we can work together to understand and solve/answer them.

Recycled (Food-safe) Raised Beds:

I use a combination of responsibly sourced tools and materials, and recycled pallet wood and furniture parts to create raised beds and planter boxes that can withstand Montreal weather as well as human/vehicular traffic. I only use non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals to seal or treat my projects, so I can promise safety from my products. By commission or request. Pricing/value exchange by request/individual.

Recycled Raised Planters and Garden Boxes:

Dimensions and sizes vary. I build for installation and on commission, recycled pallet and recycled wood planting boxes for garden beds, urban installations, alleyways, windowsills, balconies, and indoor installations. This also entails upcycling abandoned or discarded furniture into food-safe planting boxes, as well as upcycling pallets into vertical and horizontal planters and boxes. By CommissionBy commission or on Offer for trade or sliding-scale payment.By commission. Made from recycled pallets. Made to be easy to deconstruct and store during the winterBy Commission

Pallet shelves made for my partner's office as a place for textbooks and stationery.
Pallet shelves made for my partner’s office as a place for textbooks and stationery.
4-Pallet Garden Boxes with lining and outdoor Weather-Seal.
4-Pallet Garden Boxes with lining and outdoor Weather-Seal.


Fabric lined, vertical pallet planter with support-feet and polycoat.
Fabric lined, vertical pallet planter with support-feet and polycoat.


My upcycled pallet planter.
My upcycled pallet planter.


Recycled/Biodegradable Self Watering Planters:

Using biodegradable, earth-friendly detergent jugs, I make and distribute (and use, myself) self-watering planters suitable for seed starting, seedling-starting, and planting of herbs, vegetables, and many other small to medium sized plants and young trees. They can be reused or recycled over and over again.(In progress) By commission- for single order, or in a pre-planned or negotiated package.

Other project designs and products can be done based on the needs and design plans you propose and bring forward.

All projects, services, and products are done by hand and using small powered/hand tools. Materials are either sourced from me, from what I can find and recycle, and/or what my clients request or contribute to the design of the projects that are commissioned.

I offer my services as a gardener, builder, designer, promotions agent, and coordinator for your personal and community projects. Other services I can offer include:
Pallet and furniture deconstruction, material sourcing, and garden maintenance/care within the Montreal city limits.

You can contact me anytime with questions, to propose a commission, and to donate if desired.

My contacts are restricted to email and facebook so as to ensure doing so is accessible through public computers and internet hubs.



By commission
By commission

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